AACA Partners With The Jozi Film Festival

The first multi-genre film festival in the City of Gold is now in it's sixth year. The Jozi Film Festival began in 2012 and was initially created to provide a platform for local filmmakers, to reach audiences under serviced by traditional cinemas and to develop an audience for South African films.

The Johannesburg-based festival began accepting entries from around the world in 2014 and is now firmly established as one of the sub-continent's leading film festivals. While still prioritizing local film, JFF now accept films from around the world – features, short films, documentaries and student films.

We are the longest running multi-genre festival in the City of Gold and our motto remains the same from Day One: We Love Jozi. We Love Film.

The Jozi Film Festival does not curate its annual programme but takes the more egalitarian approach of relying on submissions to deliver a quality independent film festival that speaks to the diverse population of Johannesburg. The JFF team are all involved in the film industry themselves and would like to say thank you to all the filmmakers who have submitted their projects to us.

The Jozi Film Festival is proudly independent, and a supporter of independent films.





I WANT TO BE A FILM MAKER: AACA Information session: information regarding AACA and 2018 enrolments.


BEHIND THE SCENES: BET-A List - Weldon media media will have Juvais Dunn and Kgosana Monchusi giving a behind the scenes look at producing BET-A List.



PANEL DISCUSSION: The Role Of The Hero in Modern Cinema

Dr. Frank, Robert Bocking, Alisha Orji, Samuel Farerrier



INTRODUCTION TO SCRIPTWRTING: In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. He did this in the dark, which makes it even more impressive. As a scriptwriting you need to make an equally impressive start to your writing project if you want to create a mater piece. This workshop will take you into what its like to start conceptualizing and writing stories.


THE FORGOTTEN ART OF DISTRIBUTION AND MARKETING: As film makers we are driven to making our film and for production crews this is where it normally ends. Why make a film nobody will see, the producers job is to get it out there – But how do you do this in the age of technology, Netflix, Showmax and online distribution.